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Cycle Chats Network is a collective of women-hosted podcasts dedicated to making education fun, free, and accessible for all. We strive to stop the competition and start the collaboration between women, helping to break patterns that no longer serve you. Our platform offers diverse perspectives from people of different backgrounds, empowering listeners to embrace new paths and achieve their full potential through learning, growth, and connection within a supportive community. Together, we can create a powerful cycle of change and inspiration.


Educate. Empower. Inspire.

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Meet our vibrant team of women, each with a unique journey of triumph over challenges that define who they are today. Ready to share their stories, they light the way for others on their path to self-discovery and growth.


Stephanie LoVerde is a jack of all trades and a master of a few to say the least! Specifically, acting and makeup. Graduating Magna Cum Laude from Lynn University, she utilizes her degree in the performing arts to teach our youth how to walk the line between reality and fantasy when they step foot on the stage. When she's not being Miss Stephanie, she is attending to her other profession as a Freelance Makeup Artist of over a decade. She has done everything from bridal work to haunted houses and makeup for everything in between. You can find her creations over @stephcreatedit on instagram. She is a mental health advocate and a feminist since birth that believes that feminism and mental well being is for all. (She digs a good ally!)  Her love for education and art has led her to the podcasting world where she hopes to utilize her platform to inspire, educate, and empower other humans in their quest to build a better mind, body, and soul.  ​ Her philosophy? "The only way out is through." In order to create change and move the momentum forward, we must be willing to go into the flames. She hopes that through this podcasting space, she is able to connect with others in the journey of breaking the cycle.

Stephanie LoVerde

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Emily Palacios is a proud daughter, educator, fur mom to her 3 fur babies, motivator, wife, activist, aunt, mentor, sister, and feminist. Emily graduated with a BA in Musical Theater and an MFA in Acting. Emily turned to theater when she was young always feeling like a black sheep amongst her peers. She loved the idea that she could become someone else and learn from the characters she played on stage. Emily is a professional working actor but when she is not on stage you can find her in the classroom. Emily found her passion for teaching three years ago when she realized she had the opportunity to help the next generation hone their skills, teach them how theater can be used as a tool to create more empathy and sympathy in the world, and most importantly how to be good humans. She is a firm believer that actions should have consequences and that we need to learn how to speak to one another even if we disagree. Emily calls herself a forever student. Everyday she goes out into the world asking “what can I learn today?” She believes that change is hard but not impossible and that it is our job in our lifetime to grow, evolve, and change. Emily loves putting goodness into the world and feels so honored that she gets to talk to so many amazing women who have put in the hard work and continue to show up for others. Emily knows first hand that when women stop seeing one another as competition and start seeing each other as collaborators anything is possible. She knows how this podcasting journey has forever changed her and hopes that it continues to be used as a tool to motivate others and provide them with the essential tools they need in their journeys to break the cycle.

Emily Palacios

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Salisha Thomas is a Fresno, CA native and former Miss California, a commercial and voiceover artist, and a Broadway Performer. She performed in the 1st National Touring company as well as the Broadway company of Beautiful the Carole King Musical, and recently the new Britney Spears Musical: Once Upon a One More Time. She’s the host of Black Hair in the Big Leagues and The Salisha Show podcasts on The Broadway Podcast Network.  For fun, she enjoys wash days, Netflix and chillin with her husband, and taking VERY long walks in the park. She currently resides in New York City

Salisha Thomas

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HOST - Curly and Confident



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