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The Full Story


​Once upon a time Emily was in a show, and would put her hot pink lipstick on at the outside mirror. Stephanie, who was also working at that same theater, hid behind a costume rack every performance to watch as Emily put on that hot pink lipstick. 

Finally, the day came where their paths were meant to cross. Emily asked if the rumors were true that Stephanie was a Makeup Artist? Indeed she was. Emily could hear the clouds part and the heavens sing as she had found her beauty angel for her wedding. 


Stephanie and Emily realized they were the girl on the other side of the wall. They became each other’s best friend, and the sister neither of them had growing up. They knew they wanted to help other women feel empowered, get educated, and be inspired. So...they decided to start a podcast! Never in their wildest dreams did they know that this passion project was actually exactly what they were meant to be doing. 


Emily and Stephanie continue to fight for their fellow sisters and love every minute of being a voice for the next generation of strong ladies! 


We hope you Sync Up with us,

xoxo Emily + Stephanie

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