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6 Month Anniversary Giveaway!

Updated: Jun 6, 2021

It’s Cycle Chats 6 month anniversary! That can only mean one thing...IT’S GIVEAWAY TIME!!! Here’s how to Enter: 1. You must like this blog post 2. Write a review and tag us to show us your kind words! 3. Comment below about what you think women empowerment is The Winner will be announced on Monday 6.12th @ 12PM EST! Cycle Chats Giveaway items! Coffee Mug- Donated and Made by: Name: Elisa Instagram: @Crafted_by_Elisa Website: Coffee- Donated by: Name: Venus Website: Poetry Book- Donated and Written by: Name: Haley Instagram: @travel_guide_for_broken_hearts Website: Can also be found at Key and Willow Books in Brooklyn, NY Chocolate Chip Cookies- Donated and Made by: Name: Tamika Instagram: @CookieMe_Please Website: Facebook Page: Cookie Me Please Pins- Donated and Made by: Name: Meghan Instagram: @therewillbebuttons Website: Stickers- Donated by: Name: Kelly Instagram: @minibakestudio_12 Website: T-Shirt- Donated by: Name: Marya at La Belle Co. Instagram: @la_belle_co Website: Thank you to all of you ladies! We wouldn't be here without you pussy cats.

Love your Cycle Halves,

Emily + Stephanie

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