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6 Month Anniversary Giveaway!

Updated: Jun 6, 2021

It’s Cycle Chats 6 month anniversary! That can only mean one thing...IT’S GIVEAWAY TIME!!! Here’s how to Enter: 1. You must like this blog post 2. Write a review and tag us to show us your kind words! 3. Comment below about what you think women empowerment is The Winner will be announced on Monday 6.12th @ 12PM EST! Cycle Chats Giveaway items! Coffee Mug- Donated and Made by: Name: Elisa Instagram: @Crafted_by_Elisa Website: Coffee- Donated by: Name: Venus Website: Poetry Book- Donated and Written by: Name: Haley Instagram: @travel_guide_for_broken_hearts Website: Can also be found at Key and Willow Books in Brooklyn, NY Chocolate Chip Cookies- Donated and Made by: Name: Tamika Instagram: @CookieMe_Please Website: Facebook Page: Cookie Me Please Pins- Donated and Made by: Name: Meghan Instagram: @therewillbebuttons Website: Stickers- Donated by: Name: Kelly Instagram: @minibakestudio_12 Website: T-Shirt- Donated by: Name: Marya at La Belle Co. Instagram: @la_belle_co Website: Thank you to all of you ladies! We wouldn't be here without you pussy cats.

Love your Cycle Halves,

Emily + Stephanie


Zachary Freeman
Zachary Freeman
Jun 06, 2021

Love the honesty of the show. Has reaffirmed and given me insight into the women in my life. Thank you cycle chats.


this is wonderfu! Mazel tov on celebrating your friendship, women everywhere, and living your life with love forward.

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