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A Blast From The Past

BEHOLD! A journal entry from 2018...

"Life changes so much as you become older. I don’t think it’s something you can ever really prepare for. Sure, you could save up money and put “things” in place to secure your future. It will never prepare you for the mental change you go through as you start to become hyper aware of your surrounds, and most importantly...yourself. I thought everything was going to just “Be alright and easy” when I got older."

So how do I feel about all this now?

Turns out, sh*t isn't easy. Who would have thought?! You what did change though? That would be my ability to handle the mental changes. See, thought that heavies of life would break me in a half, but I didn't realize is that I got the chance to put the pieces back together in a different way that would have more structure and more support. Now, when something feels too much or too heavy, I have the tools and the skill set to be able to move through it with a different mindset.

I am able to confidently feel my emotions with love, letting them overwhelm me. This of time, patience, and practice. It's a work in progress every single day but I'm so far from where I used to be and I'm proud of where I am and I cannot wait to see where I go.

Keep going the course. You got this.

Much Love,

Your Cycle Half Stephanie


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