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create your own closure

closure is one of those things we don't always get.

Sometimes we have to come to an understanding within ourselves that we will not get the closure we are looking for from the other person or persons within any given situation.

So what do we do?

  1. sulk

  2. get mad

  3. be forever resentful at the situation

You could do any one of those. Seems like it would be not so great though. Let me propose another option: CREATE YOUR OWN CLOSURE.

Didn't realize that was an option, huh? is. You may not be able to strong arm another person into a sit down to go over every nitty gritty detail of the traumatic event. Hell, that person may drop dead without warning. Sound gruesome, but it's true. Life is uncertain. Despite what the self help gurus of the interwebz tell you, We are not always in control of what life throws our way. What we CAN control is deciding to work through our trauma. We can play an active role in creating our own closure.

Now, there's not one solid way to do this. Everyone is going to be different. Some people may chose therapy. They may chose to journal. They may decide to throw themselves into their passions and let that heal them. There are SO many different avenues one human could take.

For me? I love the idea of looking at the situation and ask myself, "what came out of it? what lessons did i learn? how did i use this to propell myself forward in life?" I take the time to lean into the discomfort and ask myself the questions I want to ask the other person. I allow the uncertainty to be present without me trying to change the outcome. What's done is done. All I can do now is look at the situation with an objective eye to see the whole picture the best I can. Take the lessons from it. Forgive myself for any mistakes and use that information to better myself and my life.

Closure isn't always close. Sometimes we have to take a journey into our mind, body,and soul to get where we need to be. Be patient with yourself. You've got this.

Love Muchly,

Your Cycle Half Stephanie

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Zachary Freeman
Zachary Freeman
12 de nov. de 2022

"Create your own closure" was one of my favorite quotes from a guest on the podcast.

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