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Embrace Change

What does it mean to embrace change?

Well, it’s different for everybody. But for me it’s been ups and downs. Good days and bad days. Love and loss. And my resiliency against at all.

You see, change doesn’t happen overnight. In fact it’s a lifelong process. So how are you able to embrace change? The word you’re looking for is acceptance. And for me acceptance has been allowing my bad feelings just as much as I allow my good feelings without judgment. That of course is much easier said than done. Embracing change means excepting where you are in this current moment. It’s learning not to give up even when you feel like you want to. Just remembering that this life is so beautiful and there’s so much to it if you stick around long enough to be in it and really feel it for what it is.

It takes time to break old habits and to get to know that your emotions aren’t your enemies. They are simply guides that sometimes go a little bit off the train tracks and all you have to do is leave them back. You do this by taking steps every day to love yourself. Sometimes that just means putting your feet on the ground brushing your hair and washing your face.

So take some time to love yourself today. Embrace the changes of your life without resistance. Even if anxiety is screaming at you to pay attention to it, keep rowing the boat to shore. Because once you get there you will realize that anxiety was nothing but the wind making a lot of noise.

All the love,

Your Cycle Halve


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Zachary Freeman
Zachary Freeman
02 May 2022

Remembering the sweet would not be as sweet with out the sour.

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