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Happy 2024!

Updated: Jan 19

Happy it has been indeed. As you all can probably see, we’ve rebranded!

This has been such an exciting endeavor for Emily and myself. The rebrand came from a desire to display a more serious side of what we do. We realized that Cycle Chats was so much more than just a podcast. It was a collection of shows that encompassed all the lessons we have learned through the years of having this platform. It was a community of women from all over the world that shared the same stories with different names. When you broke it down to its bare bones, you were looking at one big network of shows carefully cultivated to build said community. Hence our becoming Cycle Chats Network!

So that left our main show. What was that to be called now?

We’ve always considered ourselves the ones looking to break the cycle within our own personal dynamics. So it really made sense for us to pick a name that wasn’t just about the menstruating body. It was about quite literally rewiring our brains to break the cycle of generational traumas, societals pressures, mental health stigmas, women's health advocacy, and toxic relationships.

Each of our shows looks to empower you to break the patterns within yourself that no longer serve you through the use of education, self discovery tools, and a little bit of humor!

So come on and BREAK THE CYCLE with us. Cause this time? We’re not effin’ around.

xo Stephanie


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