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Emily is sick of my sh*t!

Dear Emily,

I know that I do not always get things posted on time. I know that makes you wanna pull the curls straight out of your head and screech like a bald eagle into the night. But here's the catch...What I lack in efficiency I make up for in creativity.



Emily was fully privy to the above idea of this blog. What I really want to talk about is being in a partnership. Solo ventures are FAR easier to do. Why? Because you are listening only to yourself and what you want to do. HOWEVER, let's say you are not the most "get it done immediately" type of person. Then actually getting things accomplished can be a task that is difficult. Here's where having a partnership is helpful. See, Emily is the type to have it done 35 years in advance. You mention it once and it's in the planner and WILL be done in a timely manner. I admire this about her. I, on the other hand, am the type to wait until about one minute before to do it. I have always been this way. I blame the overthinking that often occurs in my brain. Here's how I see it: put a little gas on the flame and it'll give me no choice but to just do it without overthinking.

So how does this drastic difference in the way we work manifest itself in our dynamic? Quite simply, this very large difference forces us to find middle ground and work on our bad habits. Emily cannot help herself and will take on the work load of the whole class (so to speak) and in turn, will become resentful that the work falls on her shoulders. I will find her constant sending of lists and sense of urgency as an inability to trust me. This perception that we both have is based on bad habits we have accumulated.

How do we work on it? WE COMMUNICATE. We check in and we ask what the other one needs. Emily and I are recovering People Pleasers so every once in a while, we revert to younger versions of ourselves. Long and the short of it: IF YOU DO NOT COMMUNICATE WITH ONE ANOTHER ABOUT YOUR NEEDS AND WANTS IN A PARTNERSHIP....


It's still a work in progress, but I wouldn't want to do this crazy lil podcast with anyone else.

Much Love,

Your Cycle Half: Stephanie

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Zachary Freeman
Zachary Freeman
Apr 01, 2023

you beautifully described every relationship worth it; romantic or otherwise is this way. it is worth working on and communicating through the issues.

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