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Learn to Laugh at Yourself!

Once upon a time about 4 years ago before covid existed, we were having a game night at our apartment. I was making a frozen pizza in the oven for our friends. I timed everything perfectly, I would take the pizza out as soon as our friends started arriving, but I made one tiny error of judgment. Our friends arrived exactly on time, and the pizza timer dinged at the same time. In my moment of panic, I was not paying attention and I ended up dropping the fully cooked pizza on the floor. The doorbell is ringing, and instead of laughing at the sheer hilarity of the moment, I had a complete breakdown. I think I screamed and started crying as my friends were downstairs waiting to be let in. We ended up ordering a pizza and all was okay in the end.

Fast forward to a few months ago…..

I was making something for dinner and went to pull it out of the oven and similarly to the pizza it fell all over the floor. Miguel, my husband, readied himself for another moment of me completely losing my mind. Except for this time I didn’t. I laughed at the situation.

So why am I telling you these stories?

Because sometimes we just have to laugh at the sheer stupidity or clumsiness. Life is messy, life is weird, life doesn’t always go your way, but I have found laughter to be the best medicine.

So don’t take yourself too seriously, it’s just a pizza.

Love always your Cycle Half,



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