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Let’s talk about our dreams…

When do you give them up?

While I can’t give you the answer to that, I can shed some light on what “giving up my dream” meant to me.

I know this sounds like it’s gonna be a morbid story, but I promise it’s short, sweet, and has a happy ending. Well…mostly happy!

I went to school to be an actor. I had dreams of making on the big screen or even performing on Broadway. When I finally finish school and was out in to the real world to make it happen, I realized something…

During this time, I was also doing make up for weddings and other special events on the side. I seem to find more enjoyment in what I was doing with make up than the reality of what it meant, being a struggling actor.

See, while I was still not rolling in it doing makeup, I was happier trying to fulfill that dream. I knew that I couldn’t keep trying to do both. I felt so sad at the thought that I would have to choose a lane and floor it aka go all in on it to become successful. With a lot of meditation and self reflection, I was able to see that giving up my dream of being an actor wasn’t a failure. It was simply a putting to rest of not my adult dream, but my childhood dream. Young Stephanie loved the idea of being an actor. Older Stephanie did not enjoy what actually went into making that a reality. What older Stephanie realized is that she can still have all the drama and creativity and art with her make up brushes.

So let me tie a nice tidy bow on top of the story. I am currently now a manager over at a make up and production house. I am living out my dream of being in a colorful and creative world. I have a social media presence that allows me to use my acting skills to be able to connect with an audience. Because I gave up my dream of being an actor and pursued my dream of the brush, I was able to fulfill the ultimate dream: happiness.

If you cannot find happiness, and the things that you do, don’t be afraid to sit with your self, and reflect on what will actually make you happy and what you’re actually willing to do even if you have to struggle with it.

We don’t always have to quit or daydreams. Sometimes we just have to renovate them a little!

Keep Dreaming Cats xo

Much love,

Your Cycle Half Stephanie

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Zachary Freeman
Zachary Freeman
Apr 28, 2023

life is what happens while your busy making other plans

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