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let your brain flow

I’ll be honest with you, I’m not really sure what to write for this blog post. S

ometimes I have complete and total inspiration to discuss the most magical topics. But then there are times like this where my brain has a hard time even holding one simple thought.

So what do we write about when we can’t think about what to write about? Inspiration is something that just kind of happens. It hits you like a crack of thunder. But where does inspiration come from?

Some of the best inspiration I have ever found was by sitting in silence and watching life. You might be asking, what on earth does that even mean? It means just that. I go outside, and I lay in the grass and allow my brain to just be. Too often I think we’re trying to force our minds to behave a certain way, or think certain things. Brains aren’t meant to be controlled. Of course, we have exercises of the minds that allow us to have some semi grip on the sauce that we have.

But for the most part, brain is just going to have fun, so allowing it to just think whatever random things that it once will open up the possibility of unexpected inspiration.

So if you’re feeling stuck in some sort of dismal, dull loop of blindness. I encourage you to go touch grass. Go float in the pool. Go for a walk without a care in the world. And alone your brain to just think. No judgment. No preconceived notions. Just pure thought at its most authentic.

You never know what kind of inspiration will show up!

Much Love from Your Cycle Half,


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