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Letting go is okay

I needed to put my thoughts down on paper for this one. Last night (this was already about a month ago) I went on Facebook, which I rarely do, and got a message from a girl I have not spoken to in over 5 years. And for those of you who listen to the podcast, you will know, I am talking about one of my girlfriends from college.

I am not going to say what she wrote, but I will say it hurt me. Since college I have done so much work on myself, I have gained so much more confidence in who I am and what makes me happy, and I only surround myself with people who put in the same amount of work that I do.

But it was crazy how in 5 minutes, my world got turned upside down and made me feel the way I used to feel 10 years ago when we were still friends.

So, for those of you who are thoroughly confused, I will give a little backstory as to why she messaged me in the first place. Steph and I had filmed a Chit Chats episode about our First time Drinking, and we had such a good time reminiscing we decided to do part two where we talked about helping other people when they were drunk. The stories I shared involved those college girls and apparently, she did not like what I shared. Now, I did not name names, give a physical description, or shame them at any time. I LOVE that story, and when I tell it I tell it with love, even though we have all since parted ways.

She didn’t take it that way. And she is entitled to feel the way she needs to.

But here is the thing. So am I. I am allowed to look back and realize that yeah 95% of the time they were great friends, but the other 5% was not all sunshine and rainbows. I was the butt of most of the jokes, I was the one left to clean up the messes, literally and figuratively, and I was demeaned a good amount of the time.

Now, that is just from my perspective, but those stories are a part of me, I was there, and they are my stories too.

I know I cannot erase these girls from my past, they are there and they are in some of my favorite stories.

So, I ended up reading the message to Steph and talking about it with my husband. And while it still stings to receive a message like that, I also get to say, wow, look at how much I have grown since college, while you are still pulling the same sh*t you did back then.

Growth is a beautiful thing and I am so proud of how far I am.

No, I will not be responding to her message because I don’t need to. What she said wasn’t true.

Anyway, I hope this helped someone. Remember it’s okay to let go of people who don’t benefit you. Keep looking forward because there is no turning back.

Love always your Cycle Breaker,


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sorry to hear that happened to you, one of the positives and negatives of social media. anyone can say what they want when they want to whoever they want.

leaving negativity behind is always a wonderful choice in my opinion. Too many big things in life to be dealing with unnecessary negativity.

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