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Partners In Crime

Partnerships in business can be hard. What can learn about being in one? Well, I can only share what I have learned in this process.

  1. Partnerships are a give and take. Unless you and your partner are the exact same in how you do things, there will always be disagreements. How you navigate them can make or break you.

  2. Communication is key. You must take time to talk problems out in such a way that you two are not attacking one another. Let's be honest, nobody responds to that. allowing your emotions to calm down before you speak will give you more of a rational perspective on a situation. This will allow you give and receive constructive criticism without feeling like you have to be on the defense.

  3. always ask how you can meet in the middle. You don't have to do what the other person does. The reason that you are in the partnership is because that person possess a skill of trait that you don't have and Vise versa! Learn from one another. ask what they need from you? tell them what you need from them.

Tough conversations are hard to have when it comes to mixing business and pleasure. But with a little compassion and understanding, You can get through them. There will always be growth in any venture that you partake in.

Grow together or grow apart?

The choice is yours.

Much love always,

Your cycle half stephanie

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Zachary Freeman
Zachary Freeman
Aug 23, 2022

Words of wisdom for relationships of any type: romantic, friendship, family, professional....

Have open and honest communication.

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