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Rebranding, Redefining, reestablishing, rebuilding

We finally let the cat out of the bag during our last Cycle Swaps episode with Jess Burgio from The Unscripted Podcast. If you are thinking to yourself…what is she talking about? You should definitely go back and listen to that conversation because it really was spectacular.

For those of you have already listened or are a member of our newsletter family you know the big news we have been working on for the past few months…we are rebranding!

We have been dreaming about this for a while and are so excited that we finally made the steps forward to get it underway for the new year (which just so happens to be our 3 year podcasting anniversary as well).

We love Cycle Chats, what it gave us, how it changed us, and what it did for others. And she isn’t really going anywhere. Cycle Chats will now represent our network of shows we have and we will have a new main podcast under the Cycle Chats umbrella, does that make sense? Or is it one of those things where it only makes sense to me?

Anyway, over our 2 1/2 years on this journey, we got really sick of explaining our podcast mission only to be dismissed, not only by humans that identify as male, but humans that identify as females, and everyone in between, refusing to listen because they thought it was only about menstruation.

Now in all honesty, and if you have been with us since the beginning of this journey, you know the purpose of the podcast was to be about menstruation and to coincide with another business venture we had with a friend, which has since closed. We recorded our first two episodes, which in truth did circle around periods, but once we got to our first episode, which we recorded with Nicole Snell from Girls Fight Back, everything changed. And instead of just being a period podcast the show became about breaking the cycle of these narratives we have grown up with.

In this rebrand we also are dropping the fuzzy, cutesy, esthetic, and are evolving the brand into the people we are now. Still quirky, hilarious (if you ask us), colorful, and fun, but with a strong new vibe, in hopes that people start taking us seriously.

So, that is our mission, with this new show (which I will not name yet, because we want to do a big reveal closer to the launch). This new show will be all about breaking generational traumas, societal pressures, mental health, physical health, and toxic relationship patterns.

With a fun new twist…the structure of the episode will remain very much the same, but we will be opening up the floor to your questions, or advice you are seeking! And it will all be anonymous so no one feels pressured to ask their questions.

So, this is where we are going to need you now more than ever.

We feel so lucky to be in this place, we have learned so much from the podcast, we have grown, evolved, and changed over these years, and we want you to feel more included and that you are getting the answers you need as well.

We will have a section of the new website (which Stephanie has been working countless hours on) where you can write in and we will also make the anonymous write ins available on Instagram. You can either just write in general advice you are seeking or we will be telling you the guests for the month ahead so that you can ask specific questions of these amazing guest experts.

We have so many things coming up to continue on this rebrand journey.

We have photoshoots, music options, logo options, and of course finding some amazing women to fill up the 2024 season.

Change is scary. And I definitely was the one who continued to fight against the rebrand, but I honestly can not wait for it to begin.

I am hoping this will help us find more people who need this podcast, I am hoping it will make our community grow, I am hoping it means we can continue to bring awareness to causing that matter to us, and I hope we continue to grow from this experience.

So cheers to this new adventure and to all you Cycle Breakers.

Love always your Cycle Half,



Zachary Freeman
Zachary Freeman

So happy for you, this podcast has not only been a journey for the show but for you guys too. It is wonderful that you have put so much into it and gotten so much out of it.

No matter what the show is called I will continue to listen and support you.

THANK YOU for doing your best to educate, empower and make the world a better place for everyone.

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