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Things I've learned Being Away From Home.

So I got the chance to extend a contract I got recently to work backstage for another 5 weeks. This time, it would be in Boston instead of Florida. I have never toured with a theatrical show before this. As of writing this blog post, I am currently in week #4 of the contract here in Boston.

Here is what I have learned about traveling for work...

The first few days are filled with lots of planning on what on earth you're gonna do for food. At least, for me they were. Luckily, there is a coffee shop right next to the theatre. You could practically smell the fresh beans from the stage. What I ended up doing was allowing myself to eat at some local spots. Of course I am me so that meant I have continued allowing myself to spend money on food. OOPSIE. Hey, yolo as they say!

The second week was a stark realization that I am away from my apartment, my boyfriend and my dog. This made me sad to say the least. You don't fully grasp how lonely it can be when your not at your home base. That's not to say that I'm not enjoying the company of the show. I am very fortunate to be working with some incredible humans...and on a comedy tour no less! There is no lack of laugher on a daily basis. BUT (and it's a big one) nothing can truly beat the comforts of the home and life you've been building with another person. And this is one of the healthiest (if not THE healthiest) relationships I have ever been in.

Third week, I got to see my guy and that was great but very short lived. The days came and went and before I knew it, I could only see him through the tiny screen on my phone. That was a rough 24 hours. I'm still kind of decompressing from getting the small taste of home only to get it taken away. Not to be all sappy, but I'm a lover girl. It's in my DNA to get mushy about my man. ESPECIALLY this one!

Now onto what has been sprinkled throughout those days...

A boat load of exploration and city transit. It has been so wonderful the amount of history I am getting to see within the city. Learning to master the art of learning the train and subways systems makes me feel like an absolute badass. I never understood the concept of walking a certain amount of blocks. What's cool AF is the ability to walk for 45 minutes and not get bored or sweat to death! I walked myself from the train station into the city of boston and was able to admire the infrastructure, neat lil mom and pop shops, parks and just overall rad people watching. You don't even realize how quickly the time goes by.

There is so much more I feel like I could say about this trip, but I think for now, I shall leave it here. Would I do this again? Perhaps. I think if you were to ask me right now, I would say get me on the next flight home. Ask me again when I've been home for a while? My bags could possibly already be packed!

Until that time comes, I am abundantly grateful for being able to do this and have such a lovey experience in the process. Who knows what the future holds. The mystery is the exciting part of it after all!

Much Love,

Stephanie xo


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