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What's the RIGHT time?

We ask ourselves this question whenever we come across a point in our lives we question whether or not we should be further along than where we are at that moment.

As I'm coming up on good old 30 years old, I often find myself wondering if I'm on the right path. I find myself in a nasty comparison game with the people around me. See, I was raised with this idea that somehow, when I turn 30, I will miraculously have my "stuff" together. Truth be told, nobody really has it all together. What you see on the outside is what people chose to present to you.

Some of the best advice I have been given has been by the very people I thought had it all. My sister-in-law once told me that my journey doesn't need to be anything other than my own. There is no rule book that says what you need to be doing and at what point you should be doing it. Some people are ahead of the game, some just starting out.

The most important thing to remember is YOU are uniquely individual. You have your own journey. Remember that the snail never tried to keep up with the hare.

With love from your Cycle Halve,

Stephanie xo

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Zachary Freeman
Zachary Freeman
Oct 16, 2021

At any point In life you could be ahead and then get a curve ball thrown at you that puts you in a place behind others. Make happy memories, be kind as much as possible and make smart/informed choices. That way When you are 85 years old and looking back at it all you will be able to say I did my best.

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