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Asking for help...why the F*%# is it so hard?

Asking for help is one of the hardest things you can possibly do. Why? For me, it’s the feeling of being a burden.

When we’ve hit a low point in our lives, we want to ask for help. Sometimes we’re met with love, understanding, and support. Sometimes however, we are met with “reluctant yes.”

That help they (family or friends) are trying to give turns into resentment or passive aggression about them having to help. And it’s tough. What’s important to understand in all this is if you know the person and the situation (as well as other factors that may be contributing to the help in question) you will see that it isn’t necessarily a personal attack on you. More often than not, it’s a reflection of their own frustrations within the context of the situation.

Life is not easy. When your physical and mental well-being suffers, asking for help or finally expressing what you need to be better is an absolute mixed bag.

The shame, guilt, embarrassment, and fear that you face may not always be visable to others. But you feel it. It’s real to you.

Advice from someone who is currently on a journey to have a healthy mental place to be: be patient. Not just with yourself. But with others and Your loved ones. This is hard for them too. They will say and do things that will arise a feeling in you like you’ve done something wrong or that you’re a burden.

Don’t let that voice sink in. Remember that when someone is not in your shoes, they do not fully understand. But they are trying.

We all go through our own struggles. I never think my issues are above anyone else’s. But please remember: you are worth speaking up and saying, “I need help right now and cannot add anymore to my plate.”

If your friends and family really care, they will understand. They will be there on your journey. And if along the way, you feel that you have burden them somehow, remind yourself they are going through their own set of frustrations and issues that they need to attend to in their lives. Be patient and kind.

If someone really cares, they will not make you feel bad about seeking help. Remind yourself that while you go on your journey, they are going on their own. You still love them and they still love you.

Healing takes time. Asking for help is the first step.

All the Good Vibe-age,

Your Other Cycle Half


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Zachary Freeman
Zachary Freeman
31 jul 2021

All good things to you and that you .make it back to a healthy mental health place.

Yes, help is hard to ask for...makes you disappointed in yourself which is a terrible feeling. One of the worst I can think of.

On the other side of the helping coin, if you are asked for help but cannot give it without causing yourself to struggle you may have to say "no, iam not in a good place and thus cannot help you because I need to help myself first".

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