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boundaries in business

Boundaries in business can look like a couple of different things. I'm going to share with you all one that Emily and myself came up with today.


Work Hours

M - F (9am - 3pm)

*w/ Flexibly for emergencies + events

We have decided that having access to one another 24 hours a day for purposes of business isn't always the healthiest. We realize that being partners in this thing hast to come with some balance, or else we will completely burnt out from the business and from each other.

You see, if you're going to go into business with your friend you have to keep in mind that you will often times have very different styles of how you choose to run your own business. We've talked about this a few times before, but Emily and myself work very differently. We've not really set any parameters as to when and what gets done and when it's OK to reach out to the other person to possibly share an oversight they may have had.

By setting, this one simple boundary, we are allowing ourselves time to hop off the clock and actually be present as friends. This, of course, is not to say that Cycle Chats is in a major part of who we are. But we're more than just that. Our friendship came first, which means that an order for Cycle Chats to flourish. The friendship needs to be attended to. Because, without the friendship, Cycle Chats would not exist.

So, if you were thinking about going into some sort of partnership with your friend, make sure that you sit down, and you set clear boundaries as to what each of you expects from one another, and when you have access to one another for work purposes.

This will allow you to have balance within your friendship.

Hopefully this helps anyone reading. I am forever. Grateful for this platform that we have built together. And we always say it's Cycle Chats with an S and not cycle chat. It takes two to make it cycle. 🥰

Til next time.

Much love and good vibeage,

Your Cycle Half Stephanie


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