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Fresh out of the oven...OUR WEBSITE!!!

Hey there Pussy Cats,

WOW! It has officially been six months since we have released our pilot episode. To be honest, when we started we were flying by the whiskers on our chinny chin chins. Now? We have cultivated a tiny, but mighty community of web warriors. A strong group of women that come together to celebrate all of our differences and similarities.

This blog is a deeper dive into the community that we have cultivated with each guest and the expertise and personal touch that they bring.

This is how it's gonna work: Every week on our blog, we will post a question for you lovelies to reflect upon and engage with us about your own experiences or stories.

Our #1 rule: No hate or bullying will be tolerated. EVER. This is a safe space for us to weave our webs together and lift one another up.

We are so excited to be sharing this journey with you and we hope you have as much fun syncing up with us as we do with you!

xoxo Your Cycle Halves

Emily and Stephanie


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