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Updated: Jun 24, 2023

So let’s talk about just getting the damn thing started…

What thing? Well, anything! In order to get good at some thing, you have to kind of suck at it first. And I know this is a really big reason why a lot of people don’t start things. Failure is definitely a deterrent in wanting to even start a new skill.

It’ll be such a long time to finally understand this concept. If you’re anything like me, the salt at actually being bad at some thing before you get good at, it is infuriating, and will make you not even want to try it in the first place, but that’s silly. You’re stopping yourself from being able to , cultivate a new skill set or become better at something because you’re afraid of looking silly.

That’s the beauty of it. When we stop looking at the outcome, and we start looking at the journey, we can start appreciating how cool it is to actually be bad at something. All of those mistakes or failures are actually lessons. Learned on how to make it better for the next time. So if you’re afraid of starting some thing because you’re afraid of looking stupid, try to look at it as each silly moment is actually what you need in order to be good at that thing.

All of this is way easier said than done. But with a little practice, every day, and a small step forward in the direction that you want, you will be able to look back and say damn, I really did the thing. It doesn’t happen overnight, but when it does happen, he will of enjoyed every moment, every blemish and every “failure.”

Just try. And don’t stop trying until you get to where you want to be.

Now…go learn that new thing!

Much Love Always,

You’re cycle half Stephanie

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Zachary Freeman
Zachary Freeman
Jun 24, 2023

The hardest part of any journey…

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