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Perspective, Mindset, Experience

The idea of mindset always seems to come into play during our interviews no matter what topic we are talking about. I remember during our interview with Purdey Robertson on Episode 51: Food Freedom and Diet Culture she brought up the idea of perspective affecting our experience. And that idea has stuck with me since that interview. Basically we spoke about how two people can have the same experience but walk away and have entirely different opinions. This idea is something I try and make sure my students understand before they go see a play, which is a requirement for the class. Most of them go into this experience with the idea of it being boring, them having to do it for the class, and some of them don’t even see the show at all. If they go see the show with the perspective of it is going to be a miserable experience and they aren’t going to enjoy themselves, most likely they wont enjoy themselves. Crazy how that works right?. However, if we have a open mind before the experience we allow our honest opinions and emotions to be felt. And like Kara Walker said on Episode 30: A Celebration of Creativity, the “We get to do this” mindset changes your whole experience.

Many of us don’t even realize how powerful our own thoughts are, but they literally can be the deciding factor if you walk away from that experience with a smile or a frown. We have so much power and often that is the thing that shoots us in the foot when we are going into a new experience. Just because it is new doesn’t mean it is bad, or it is going to be scary, or weird. We have an opportunity to learn something from each new thing we experience. So why don’t we see our own power? We literally get to determine our own experience. So lets enjoy that power! Lets wake up every morning and look forward to the challenges of the day instead of waking up and already dreading going to work. I can assure you the person who is dreading going to work is going to have an awful experience. And I am certainly not saying that for someone who is used to having a negative perspective it is going to be easy to start changing the way you think. It is going to take work, a lot of work. But we get one life, I choose to go into each day and be excited about the possibilities and where life could take me. Because I have this mindset I find that I often live in a space of positivity and often that leads to having great experiences.

Don't forget that each of us has that power within us. Mindset is everything. And the minute we start opening ourselves up to possibilities of the experience there is no limit. You are the creator of your own universe!

Love always your Cycle Half,


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Zachary Freeman
Zachary Freeman
Mar 20, 2023

We get to instead of we have to

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