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Podfest 2023🎈

Podfest 2023

What an adventure this years podfest was! Last year, we came in as fresh meat. This year? Seasoned, slow cooked, and fall off the bone good!

Last year, we definitely felt like we had to attend all these talks and soak in as much knowledge as possible. What we missed out on was the networking in the halls. Although, it wasn’t hard for us to get stopped seeing as we were covered in head to toe tie dye and cats ears!

This year, we walked in having already made our colorful mark on the podcast scene. The vibe was very much: relaxed. We were asked to speak on the main stage as the openers for the convention. We spoke about how much podfest has changed our trajectory in moving through our journey as podcasters.

Our good friend Wendy said, “Podfest is what YOU make of it.” And the most of it we made! We walked those halls like we were on a mission. AND WE WERE AND STILL ARE.

We are forever grateful for the opportunity to show our multi-colors in this community. We continue to strive for excellence in supporting one another. We have get nothing but love from the beautiful people we’ve met along the way.

So cheers to 2 years and salute to MANY more!

Much love ALWAYS,

Your Cycle Halves…

Stephanie + Emily

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