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Sorry...NOT sorry. You're Welcome!

As women, we tend to be raised with the notion that we have to be polite, classy, say please, say thank you. and say sorry when we're walking past someone in the supermarket.

This idea is (in my eyes) very dated. Women should be loud. They should take up space and say "excuse me." Not "I'm sorry!" We should never be sorry for simply being.

In this blog post, I want to set a challenge for anyone listening:

When you find yourself in a position where you want to say that you are sorry, ask yourself: "What am I sorry about?" Did you hurt someone? Did you say something unnecessarily mean to someone who did not deserve it? Did you make an honest mistake? or...were you simply just "being?"

If you are just existing and taking up space...then you do not need to say that you're sorry! So instead, replace that sorry with "excuse me." Replace that sorry with "thank you for your patience." Only be sorry when you absolutely need to be.

Instead of 'I'm sorry." Say "you're welcome!' because you are worth being here and taking up all the damn space.

love always your cycle half,


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