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Starting On A Wednesday?

Have you ever told yourself, "I'm going to start...on Monday" and then proceeded to waste your days until Monday to start this task?

Yeah, I've used that trick before too. Let me tell you what happens when you do that: You waste those precious moments and days you could have been making progress.

We have this idea in our heads that somehow Monday is going to magically motivate us to get that thing done or become that person we want to be.

the most in shape I have ever been in my life happened because I started taking care of myself on a Wednesday. I told myself that if I wanted to feel better, it needed to start today...NOT Monday.

Of course, life gets in the way. Don't let anyone bully you into "no excuses" or "No days off!" You NEED rest in between anything you do to actually be whole enough for it. the trick there is to not get stuck "resting" for too long. plot twist: you will go back to old habits. don't get mad at yourself though! this is normal. no growth is totally linear. sometimes you're up and sometimes your down.

through my therapies I'm learning that there will be bad days mixed in with my good days. This is completely normal. No need to sound the alarms to defcon five. this is when you utilize the tools that you have been learning along the way. because if you think about it, the bad days are really just practice days!

so go and tell whatever you've been planning to start on Monday that there have been a change of plans and you are starting today. remember: even small steps are steps. Every bit counts. The snail may have not been as fast as the hare, but it still got to the finish line.

your journey is your own. ride the wave. you got this.

Love always your Cycle Half,


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Zachary Freeman
Zachary Freeman

Every journey begins with a single matter what day of the week.

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