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Sweet and Simple.

Happy Friday Friends!

Today, we're keeping this blog post sweet and simple. I wanted to talk about living below your means and what it...well, means!

it's no secret that emily and i went through some life changing event when covid first hit the scene. our lives were flipped up, down, and all around. recently, we were chatting about savings and the idea of living below your means came up.

so, what does this mean?

for me, it means choosing a simple life. sure, "stuff" is fun. gives you a thrill when you receive a package at the door. but it's temporary. and costly! so instead of trying to fill the void, i'd ask myself:

"is this bringing value or a sense of sweetness to my life?"

most of the time, it's not. it's not even something i need or want. it's a temporary fix for a deeper problem. i recently donated at least 10 bags of clothing, shoes, purses, and a giant box of items from around my living space to a women's shelter. now, don't get me wrong, I was thrilled to give some beautiful pieces to a good cause. but, the fact that I even had that much to give away was eye opening. i had been holding onto these things as if they were going to solve some deeper issues within me. once i released them, i felt this sense of ease. i was lighter. things seemed simpler. and i enjoyed the feeling.

learning to live below your means will afford you more than just a smidge of financial security. it will give you peace and clarity on how life is so much more than the "stuff" you have. so, instead of clicking add to cart, ask yourself: "Am i adding to the deeper happiness within this sweet life of mine?"

keep it simple friends. go outside. make memories. love fiercely.

and know that you are worthy of a beautiful life!

your cycle half,

stephanie xo

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Zachary Freeman
Zachary Freeman
Aug 21, 2021

So wonderful of you to donate to much to those in need.

No matter how big or small the act it is always wonderful to give.

Wonderful as well that the act of giving would cause self reflection.

Self reflection is so important and missing from the lives of so many

I have not done a purge giving as you described but o always try to carry a little food in my car to pass out to those who maybe in I will close with what I said before;

No matter how big or small through act, giving is always the right choice....

For those of you who have not tried the experience of giving (not a birthday present)…

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