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Words Matter.

Words matter. How we use them matter. How we use them when speaking about ourselves matters even more!

I could say, “I HAVE to interview people for my podcast.” But this implies that what I’m doing is a burden. Even if I don’t mean it this way, my brain will start to process these words and put it into the category of “have to do/not fun tasks.” Well, this could NOT be further from the truth. Instead I say, “I GET to interview people for my podcast.” See the difference it makes? One sounds heavy and tedious. The other sounds exciting and fun!

Even within my anxiety recovery, I look at HOW I speak about it. If I say, “I have anxiety.” This makes it sounds like this is who I am. But I’m so much more than my emotions. Instead I say, “I experience anxiety.” Makes a difference. Again, one sounds irreversible. The other sounds like a small slice, but not the whole pie.

Everyday I wake up, I GET to experience all life has to offer. I get to work through hard emotions. I get to learn how to be a better human. I’m get to work on Cycle Chats. I get to talk to one of my best friends and sisters every day about my hopes, dreams and passions.

I get to do all of these things. Life is not promised to anyone. Each day counts. Learn to experience all it has to offer.

What do you GET to do today?

Love always your Cycle Half,

Stephanie xo


Zachary Freeman
Zachary Freeman

I love "I get to" instead of "I have to".

It is such a wonderful example of your point.

I loved it when your last guest said it and have been telling others about it.

What a wonderful and simple thing we can all do.

Thanks for putting it out there for others to hopefully incorporate into their language.

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